A journey towards
Destination Zero

The journey towards zero begins now. With Gotland Horizon, we are looking to the future and developing a zero-emission ship. A ship that will enable a future where the only emissions from crossings to and from Gotland will be water. Gotland Horizon is Sweden’s first project to create a large hydrogen-powered vessel for passengers and freight. The project is a key part of our efforts to achieve climate-neutral Gotland sailings – Destination Zero – while optimising service and capacity. Our ambition is to order the ship by 2025  and enter service by 2030.




Space for 600 cars and 100 trucks


Service speed of up to 28 knots



Gas turbines for a faster journey

Gas turbines form the heart of the ship. It is this technology in combination with steam turbines that enable current speeds and service levels to be maintained – and cuts emissions to zero. Gas turbines have long been used in industry, but it is only now that they can be powered by hydrogen. This provides a unique opportunity to accelerate the environmental transition of shipping.

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Hydrogen: the only emission is water

Hydrogen is one of the future fuels and a key component in the transition to a climate-neutral society for many industries, including shipping. And it is easy to understand why, as the combustion of hydrogen generates a single emission: water.

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Combined cycle

An effective way to harness as much energy as possible is to install a steam turbine behind the gas turbine, in a so-called “combined cycle”. This creates a system where we capture heat energy of exhaust gases, in this case water vapour, by also placing a steam turbine in the ship’s smaller funnel. The steam turbine generates electricity that can be used in the ship for electric motors, chargers and electrical equipment. This generates more output and is more energy efficient.

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For gotland by gotland

To ensure that Gotland continues to be the best place in the world to visit, live and work, Rederi AB Gotland, Gotland Tech Development and Destination Gotland, together with various actors, are running a collaborative development, research and technology project to create the ships of the future. Gotland Horizon is the name of our concept vessel that in the future will operate on the service between Gotland and the Swedish mainland and achieve emission-free crossings. Our ambition is also to use material with low climate impact for the entire vessel construction process.

When Gotland Horizon is fully developed and built, Rederi AB Gotland will own the vessel, which operates Destination Gotland’s services. Gotland Horizon will thus become part of ferry traffic between Gotland and the mainland. The ship is planned to be ordered by 2025 in order to enter service by 2030.



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